Autumn in Spain

Within a few days the long Andalusian summer has ended. Even last Monday we spend a good day on the beach at “Aqui Te Quiero Ver” (highly recommended beach bar), now it’s raining. Everyone here is very happy with this weather. The water tanks were emptied and the burned mountains can use some favorable water. At La Cañada (mall)  they already installed the Christmas tree and next Sunday is the 20th chestnut festival in Ojén. It’s getting winter.

Busy Summer

We can look back on an eventful and successful first summer. From early April, it was pretty busy with guests from almost the entire world. From New Zealand to Canada. From Latvia to Southern Africa. And of course all European countries. The busiest month was August with many days completely sold out. So much so that we left with the kids to our Finca so that “our” rooms could be rented too. Fortunately supported by the two ‘interns’, Rik and Josefien it all went smoothly.

A fantastic asset is our golf cart with which we pick up guests, including luggage, from the central parking. No more struggling with too large cars in too narrow streets and no more searching.

We also enjoyed all the visits that we have received from our Dutch friends this summer. We had some great evenings and Bar Diego has done good business.

A setback this summer were the medical problems of Ton. However, after surgery, all treatments are behind us and all is well again. The Spanish sun does wonders for a recovery period. Too bad that this problem pushed the development of the new website and the attention to promotion a bit into the background.


There has been a lot of building activity in recent months. Within the hotel of course the usual weekly improvements and the never ending list of the 100 little jobs  to do. Next to the hotel is the most accomplished. The pool is open now for two weeks and our house is nearing completion. From January we assume that everything is ready. The pool needs some further decoration with plants and the right lighting. The new bar area should be decorated and the patio and the new sun terrace must be filled with patio furniture.
The “kitchen” on the first floor, above the bar area has to be decorated and equipment installed. A place  where the cooking will be done while the guests can have a look and a glass of wine. Excellent meals will be prepared during the lazy summer evenings. Self-made Paella for example or Mediterranean fish “a la plancha”.

With great pleasure we will start to use our new house in January. Directly next to the hotel, right next to the pool. Living in three hotel rooms has its charm but after 8 months it’s a bit too much. We will be happy with our stuff, which has been stored for more than a year. The boys each get their own room, we ‘will have a nice room at the top (facing Morocco weather permitting) and a large kitchen to get some more private dinners .

Jochem and Siebe

Since  mid-September their second year on the Spanish school started. Only a 1 minute walk from the hotel. The previous school year has been completed successfully. Jochem with a fantastic report. We wonder if his school future here lies in Ojén. We’ll see. The football adventure has got a different turn. Since the group is extremely big and Jochem’s football abilities are a little bit poor he barely played during the matches. Now he took up  tennis.  Also with Siebe it’s great. At first he picked up the Spanish not too quickly, now he’s doing OK. At school he does it well and finished the last school year with a wonderful report although changes got to be made: fooling around and chatting fits him better. Siebe also follows the football training and started golf lessons. Now the hot summer is over  he took up climbing again with his friend / teacher Marcos.


We would like to combine work in the hotel a little bit better with some extra free time. Occasionally a free weekend or a day of golfing, hiking etc. This means that something got to change. We are looking for help to run the hotel. Someone who can do little repairs but also serve breakfast. Must have a driver’s license and speak English. Despite soaring unemployment we do not manage to find the right person. We keep searching. In the coming months we will get some more rest. Not always the hotel is busy, so we can spend nights in our Finca.

This weekend there is time to leave. We have booked a hotel in Granada and go from there to the immense “Parque de las Ciencias”, a science museum with a modern twist. The boys are looking forward to it already. Another advantage is that Granada is the city to buy Moroccan lamps for the new patio. Also, being there, we can see whether there is snow in the Sierra Nevada ….. we are preparing for the Spanish winter.

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