About us

From January 1, 2019 we, Esther and Alex, have taken over the operation of La Posada del Angel and we have become a substantial owner. With our three children we live in the white / blue house opposite the hotel.

Ton and Helga, former owners, have taken a step back. After a busy life as owners of two large party centers in the Netherlands, they started building up La Posada del Angel in 2011. After many renovations in the hotel and the expansion with 3 holiday homes in Ojén and an increasingly busy hotel, they were ready for a new step.

However, they did not say goodbye and are still regularly to be found in the hotel, and always available to us whenever we have questions. They like to help with breakfast, with managing the reception and with serving the meals. Far too nice to see all regular guests coming back now and then. But… they don’t mind getting more free time.

A great challenge for us. We sold our restaurant, t Veerhuys in Leerdam, Netherlands and exchanged the Dutch for the Spanish life here in Ojén. Our three children (Vajén and Joȅl, 9 and Roosmarijn, 11) are attending the Spanish Colegio in the village. Despite the short time being here, they already have made many friends and know how to handle Spanish well.

We can add a lot to the hotel from our background. For the time being, we offer our hotel guests the option of choosing a meal three times a week. We still have to discover the relaxed part of the Spanish life but the sun almost always present it´s wonderful.

We look forward to welcoming you as our guest in La Posada del Angel, you won’t miss anything!

Esther & Alex