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Gibraltar: tax free shopping and watching monkeys

Who comes from Andalusia and crosses the border, enters to a different world. Gibraltar, 41 kilometers northeast of Tarifa, is very British: It belongs to Britain since 1713. For tourists, there is not much offered. Yet every year, six million tourists visit the place. Their goal: the Main Street, where they can go shopping without paying taxes.

During your visit, you can go to the Upper Rock Nature Reserve, where you can find the St. Michael’s Cave (caves), the Great Siege Tunnels, the Apes Den (Walking around the Barbary apes, the only wild monkeys in Europe) and The View. To get to the Reserve, the best option is to take cable car.

Tarifa and the beaches

Tip: Combine your trip to Gibraltar with a visit to the Old Town of Tarifa or to one of its beautiful beaches.

Whale watching in Tarifa

Whale Watching. From April to October you can join the Firmm researchers. During our 2-hour boat trips you can watch various species of whales and dolphins. In our week-long observation courses you will find out more about the fascinating animals and the Strait of Gibraltar. La Posada can make your reservations.

Beautiful spots around Tarifa

If you come to Tarifa, don’t miss the chance to visit some places that are unique in the world and full of charm. A great host of possibilities is open to travellers who visit this emblematic part of the world. Two seas, two continents, the foothills of the Penibaetic mountain range that dies out a few kilometres from the coast.

Tourist Office Tarifa

A natural park, Los Alcornocales: one of the ten natural wonders of Europe, containing protected species of both Iberian fauna and flora. On the Playa de Los Lances, the sportsmen of the sea do different kinds of surfing. This beach is also a protected area where you have the chance to take long walks.

In the hotel we can tell you what are the most beautiful places to go to.