Ferias and Fiestas

The "Feria" in Andalusia

Andalusians have some festivities during the year. Besides religious festivals and processions -at least once a year, they celebrate the local patron saint’s festivity- almost every city or village has its own “romeria” (a collective pilgrimage), “feria” or festival. The original “ferias” (fairs) where organized by farmers and there were a lot of bulls and horses in them.

Well-known and nice ferias are those of Malaga (mid-August), Sevilla (two weeks after Easter) and Jerez (in May). These are examples of typical Andalusian gaiety and exuberance. Everywhere, people are dancing “sevillanas” and you can find “casetas” (stands) where you can eat, drink and see live performances. At some ferias, such as the one in Jerez, the horse is the main attraction of all of the festivities. There are also performances of the different  Spanish equestrian schools.

Sometimes you can be lucky  when you visit a small village and enter spontaneously in a fiesta. It mostly ends in an authentic flamenco performance where everybody is dancing. In the list, some ferias are missing, such as the Feria of Marbella (9-15 June), the one of Ojen, much smaller but five days in October (8-12 October) and the one of San Pedro (also in October).