Like many other countries, the coronavirus has also reached Spain. More infections are added every day. The current number of infections is at 210.773, the death toll at 23.882. In Andalusia 11.913 / 1.168  (last update: April 28).

Spain is in an official lockdown from March 15 to try to contain the rapid rise in corona patients. This lockdown will (for the time being) last until May 24. How is the situation regarding the corona virus in Málaga?

Lockdown Spain

This lockdown means that you have to stay at home, unless there really is no other option. There is also hammered in the (social) media: Quédate en casa! (stay at home!). On Instagram, people with the hashtags #quedateencasa and #yomequedoencasa show that they respond to this.

You may only take to the street in the following cases:

  • For a visit to the supermarket, pharmacy or other basic necessities. Banks, newsstands and pet stores are also open.
  • To go to work or back home.
  • To help the elderly and those in need.
  • To walk your dog, but close to the house
  • You always have to go alone on the street.
  • The police will strictly check whether you comply with the above rules. For example, sports are also not allowed. If you don’t follow the rules, you risk a hefty fine. There is also a risk of imprisonment.

Support for care

Every evening at 8 p.m., all Spaniards collectively applaud from their windows or balconies to show their support and gratitude to all healthcare workers. People are hanging out the window in my street too. Very nice! Here you can see a video of the newspaper La Opinión de Málaga.

Let’s hope that the above measures help to contain the coronavirus and that the situation will return to normal as soon as possible. For everyone: stay safe!

In brief:

  • Public transport: less than usual. You can only use this if there is no other way.
  • Shops: only supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, kiosks, pet shops, hairdressers are open.
  • Restaurants: closed.
  • Cafés: closed.
  • Hotels: closed.
  • Museums, concert halls, theaters and cinemas: closed.
  • (Sports) events: canceled. The Semana Santa celebration has also been canceled.

A first change from April 28

  • Kids till 14 years old may go outside for 1 hour, within 1 km from the house,  with one of the parents
  • Beaches of Marbella will open (only to use for parents and kids till 14 years old if they live closeby)

Next change from May 2

  • Adults and older kids may go outside for walking and sport activities

Last update: April 28 2020


• used the article of timetomomo by Clariska van Delft Málaga