Things to do for children in Andalusia

IMG_1276Now that we have been living for some time in this region and that we have got some more free time we go to some places with our children aged 7 and 9. In summer, when temperatures are higher, the beaches are always popular. But day trips are also fine to do. To start in the morning and then leave in the middle of the day to have a delicious lunch or to cool off at one of the beautiful lakes or the sea.

Hiking and biking are less suitable for the hot Summer months (July and August), but you can try to do a short walk early in the day.

One of our guests pointed out the possibility of geocaching. Our kids loved walking, but they are now unstoppable when we go looking for a “treasure”, which is hidden somewhere. And oftenly you can find wonderful and unexpected places while searching. Soon we will try to see where we can go mountain biking with them nearby.
Mijas, wat meer toeristisch

Meanwhile, we have visited most of the pools, amusement parks and zoos. We have also visited dolphins, made a jeep tour and climbed real rocks in Aventura Amazonia. As we begin to know more and more locals, we are increasingly more familiar with the place.

If we do fun activities and find good places during our trips, we will put it on the site.