Origional trips through Andalusia

More and more guests are asking for tips to find nice hotels and interesting places to visit because they like to make to make a nice tour in Andalucia, without searching to much.

mezquitaWhen the work at the hotel permits us, we go out to discover new places. In addition, we are always looking for a nice, small hotel and fine dining addresses. Besides the beautiful towns, Andalusia offers many small romantic villages, great scenery, beautiful beaches, and this region is also rich in traditions.

In collaboration with a local, highly experienced travel agency, whose owners work with the same passion to Andalusia, we can offer tours that have La Posada del Angel as  start or finishing place. You take a flight at a pleasant time, to Malaga. There’s a car waiting for you. From Malaga Airport La Posada del Angel can be reached in just 45 minutes. Before you start to travel you can take a few days breath there. Depending on your needs, you can choose different directions and we will customize your trip.

Possible Andalucia tours:

A tour of the royal cities; Southern Spain has an interesting history! Especially the Moorish era, whose peak was in the 8th century, has now left its mark everywhere in Andalusia. It’s still visible, especially in the cities. That’s why one speaks of the Royal Cities which contents of Granada, Cordoba and Seville. We arrange hotels,  one or more excursions and provide you with tips on the city.

Visit the Costa de la Luz, with its beautiful beaches, the surf walhala Tarifa to Cadiz and from Jerez, known for sherry’s and the Spanish Riding School, in the direction of Seville. Although there is plenty to see in the daytime, Seville is a great city for a pub crawl where you can eat tapas everywhere. On the way you will visit Ronda or for example, makes a bike ride along the Via Verde, an old railway filled with tunnels.

munttheeYou can also combine the Costa de la Luz with a visit to Morocco. In Tangier you can walk around the medinah and the Kasbah, visit a Moroccan restaurant for lunch, the Café Hafa and possibly an authentic hammam.


From Ojén you can also visit some of these cities on a day trip. Granada, Cordoba, Ronda and Tangier. And Malaga is very worthwhile too.