From April to October, the organization Firmm organizes several half hour tours to watch the whales. Before any tour starts, the visitors get a brief and interesting introduction about the whales and the dolphins of the area of the Strait of Gibraltar.
Whales and Dolphins
Four different types of dolphins can be observed during the year: the common dolphin, the striped dolphin, the bottlenose dolphin and the long-finned pilot whale, who also belongs to the family of dolphins. From April to July approximately, you can also observe the sperm whales, and between July and August, the orca, which can be found at the same latitude as Tanger. Whales can be observed too, and you can find more information about them on Firmm’s website.
On the other hand, you must observe the wildlife carefully, since everything is a matter of luck and it cannot be guaranteed that you will see something. Anyway, thanks to years of continuous photo-identification of the whales, it is possible to know where they can be found in the area of Morocco and, for that reason, they find whales or dolphins on 99% of their tours.