Semana Santa is the week before Easter. In Spain it is also called Holy Week. In many Spanish towns there are processions during the week. A week with incense, ringing bells, often melancholic music and passion. Semana Santa will leave a deep impression when  you’ve once experienced.

Ojén has its own program, with small processions. This begins on Domingo de Ramos (March 24) with a holy mass. On Thursday (Jueves Santo), there is a procession at 19.30. On Friday (Viernes Santo)  at 12.00 the ‘Via Crucis’ starts, with a procession at 20.00. On Sunday, the week ends with the ‘Misa de Resurreccion’ at 13.00 followed by the procession at 13.30. After the processions it is cozy at the square and in the cafes.

Semana Santa MalagaIn Marbella, the program is much more extensive. It is wonderful to see how the thrones are maneuvered through the narrow streets. For the program of Semana Santa in Marbella, click on the link.

In Malaga, as well as in Seville during Semana Santa, processions are many and especially large. There are various processions during the year in Malaga but the holy week is the most impressive week in Malaga you can experience. It is almost impossible to imagine how intense the Malagueños undergo this experience

This processions are commemorating the suffering of Jesus. Each procession is formed by members of a fraternity. They carry a “Trono” through the streets of Malaga with an image of Jesus or Mária (La Virgen). The program of Semana Santa in Malaga.