Newsletter May 2020

La Posada del Angel prepared to offer a safe holiday

Dear traveller,

We are now almost seven weeks further in the exceptional corona situation. We hope that everyone in your vicinity is healthy and that you have found your home with each other, the work, the children and (grand) parents. In this way we want to keep travellers informed about the situation with us in Ojén.

In Ojén we only had a few corona virus cases, but now nobody suffers from it anymore.

Spain is still in lockdown and this situation has been extended again until May 24. This means that we are not allowed to go outside except for essential groceries, pharmacy and doctor’s visit. Since a few weeks, a number of companies have returned to work with the request to work from home as much as possible. A small extension has taken place from April 27. Children till the age of 14 can go out for an hour with one of the parents.

In addition, a plan with a timetable has been drawn up in which it is indicated how one would always like to extend the lock down slightly. Whether this planning will continue depends on the situation surrounding the various data and will vary for the different parts of Spain.

The latest news is that La Posada del Angel will reopen for guests from Malaga province on May 11, taking into account the current restrictions and regulations. We will adapt and comply to the ever changing rules. In the village restaurants and bars will reopen their terraces to a limited amount of visitors, while small shops will also reopen. From May 25, more restrictions will be reduced, but still only for people from Malaga province till the end of June. (Use the button at the end to read the whole plan.)

Reports have surfaced that Spain will not receive travellers from outside Spain throughout the summer period, but no official statement has ever been made. So we have to wait and see.

Of course we have  been thinking already about how we will run the hotel when we are allowed to open again.

What do we see as the advantages of La Posada del Angel?

Our idea is that due to our small scale of both the hotel and the village, we can offer guests a safe environment, while everyone will of course have to comply with the new rules of contact that we must apply everywhere. What  we see as our advantages :

  • The hotel is small-scale, so we never talk about large numbers of people together
  • The hotel has a lot of outdoor space, with 3 larger terraces, 3 private terraces and 2 smaller terraces.
  • We will make time for breakfast. Using the lobby and 2 patios we can place the tables further apart. If necessary, we can work with time slots, which guests can choose the night before. Breakfast is then served at the table.
  • If guests wish, we can cook more than 3 times a week, allowing guests to dine in a safe environment. Here too we can introduce an early and late corridor.
  • Of course we will disinfect as many rooms and furniture as possible and act according to the desired guidelines.
  • Beautiful walks can be made from the hotel, where you will hardly meet anyone.
  • We can also provide you with extensive information about day trips, also to places that the transit tourist does not know. And we can tell you about the beautiful but quieter beaches.
  • We can provide you with a nice packed lunch, which you can take with you during your trip. You can choose from sandwiches to an extensive picnic.
  • Meanwhile we arrived in the spring. Much in Spain takes place outside. When restaurants are allowed to open again, they often have a terrace outside .. As soon as the restaurants are allowed to open again, we will inform the owners about their adjustments.
  • Our pool is always quiet during the day because many guests are on the road. If you stay at home for a day, you may have the bath to yourself. At the busier times, between 4 pm and 8 pm, we could also work with half hour slots. Whether this works should be seen in practice.
  • We also rent four houses in Ojén. Here you have your own space and terraces. Take a look at this page about our holiday homes .
  • Reservations for the hotel can be cancelled free of charge up to 48 hours before time.
  • Ojén is a 15 minute drive from Marbella Old Town and the beaches.

For more information and photos, please visit our website. In the meantime, we hope that everyone stays safe and healthy so that when the world opens up again, you can count on us to organize any Spanish travel adventure. And in the meantime, we will continue to inform you about the situation in Andalusia via social media and on our website.

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Warm greetings from La Posada del Angel