History of viticulture

Previously, the area around Ojén was a prosperous wine region. However, at the end of the nineteenth century, that came to an end and the remains of the terraces in the landscape of this remains as a silent witness. In nearby Monda, Marjolijn Brewer and Rene Mooijman started it again enthusiastically. Now that the bodega is ready, they can receive guests for a tour in the vineyard.

Bodega remsamen

Their own story

We, Marjolijn Brouwer and Rene Mooijman, began the challenge on a piece of land with olive and almond trees back in 2005. Vineyard in Spain: The idea was born in early 2001, and after searching in several countries, we eventually ended up in the south of Spain.


Viña & Bodega Remsamen is located in Monda, Málaga Province, Spain. A place in a valley in the Sierra de las Nieves, at an altitude of 350m and 15km from the Mediterranean Sea. In the Sierra de las Nieves there is a major environmental heritage, like the Parque Natural de la Sierra de las Nieves with rugged mountains and nature reserve with a rich history that goes far back in time.

The vineyard is situated on a slope and in the construction important preparations must be done, such as soil testing, making terraces, irrigation system construction, selection of the supplier of the vines, etc. The vines stand in long rows on the terraces.

We grow Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, and let nature do its work. The sun, the rain, the wind, the temperature, the earth, etc. thus determine the flavour of the grapes. There are no artificial fertilizers, chemical pesticides, excipients or sulphite added during the making of the wine.

We filter the wine as much as possible to retain much of its taste. Therefore, there is a highly possibility to find some dregs in the bottle. Limited filtering has the effect that the wine in the glass is slightly less bright but as the wine stays longer in the bottle it gets more clear.


On request, it is possible to visit the vineyard, with a tour and a tasting. The cost for the visit is € 6 per person and it includes tasting of three wines accompanied by three small tapas.

We hope to see you at our bodega!


Marjolijn Brouwer and René Mooijman

Telephone: (0034) 607 953 823

Viña & Bodega Remsamen

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