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NEWSLETTER September 2018

NEWSLETTER September 2018

The summer vacations are over and we are preparing for another couple of autumn months. Months in which, as we always say “everything is possible”. The beaches are wonderful, the cities are great to visit again without the summer heat, and the Sierra de las Nieves is just around the corner for impressive walks.

The altered Patio

We have been thinking a year about it and initially we did not dare to do it: if things collapse? After two independent architects gave their positive vision, we started the work. The rear facade of the lobby has been demolished and the fireplace has disappeared. A slidable glass wall has replaced it. Whoever enters now, has a beautiful view of the patio and everything is much lighter.

We have been working hard over the past few winters. Compared to other projects, this was a minor operation. But for us one with the most positive consequences. This spring we were confronted with cool and sometimes wet weather, until the end of April. Very exceptional, while Northern Europe had the hottest spring ever. With a “fully booked house” we were very happy that we could offer everyone a seat during breakfast.  It is a big advantage that the first row of tables “inside” is perceived as “outside”. And vice versa. That makes a difference!

We will deal with it a little differently

Now that we have grown and adapted everything within the existing possibilities, the hotel is ready for the next step.
For a long time we want to give our guests the opportunity to eat at the hotel in the evening. Of course, it is very nice to eat tapas on the square around the corner and the restaurants in the village are certainly worth a visit. Yet there are occasional evenings that everything and everyone seems closed at the same time or that the temperature does not allow sitting on a terrace.

We have found a solution in the collaboration with Alex and Esther who have more than earned their spurs in the catering industry, and especially in Restaurant Het Veerhuys in Leerdam. We have known them for many years and are very impressed with what they have done so far.
In any case, they will ensure that we can offer our guests a small or more extensive meal two times a week, to start with.
At the moment we are working hard to set up a professional kitchen from which we can work.

We go a bit further …..

The collaboration with Alex and Esther goes a little further than just taking care of the meals. From 1st of January they will take on a large part of the operation of the hotel and become owners of a big part. In December they will, with their three children, move to our beautiful white / blue house opposite the hotel.

And we……?

Of course, we cannot live without our “baby”. That’s why we do not see this step as saying goodbye. We will be spending a lot of time in the hotel to help with breakfast, with the receiving of the guests and the serving of the mentioned meals. It is too nice to see guests come back regularly. But … we do not mind getting some more time off, now and then.

We also like to be more involved in all those things, we never have time for, such as keeping the website up-to-date, finding the way in the forest of travel agencies, on-line holiday providers, house rental agencies etc.
We would like to have more time to keep looking for new daily trips for the guests of the hotel and the holiday houses: searching for new walks, museums, nice villages, beautiful beaches and places that are worth a day trip.

And we think that Jochem and Siebe will enjoy it if we have more time for them and that they not always have to look for us somewhere in the hotel.
Our suggestion that this change could also imply a possible future return to the Netherlands was dismissed by the men with: “Are you crazy?”. Fortunately, we would really like to stay here too.
In Marbella we have found a nice house, within walking distance of the beach and the terraces in the old center.

The boys….

They’re doing great. Jochem is doing his GCSE exams this year, with which he actually completes his basic high school. Then another two years of “sixth-form” to prepare him for a further study. He is of course, already thinking about that. He gets better at golf, day by day, and beats his father every single time. But, that is not that difficult.
Siebe has now started his second year of high school, he scores formidable grades and is really enjoying it. He has a group of friends from school and a lot of friends on the internet. Everything on the computer and internet has his full attention. The downside is that we regularly have to take I-path restrictive measures. Siebe plays golf and tennis. During sports days he always wins all running competitions. Not because he runs so fast but he has very long legs and his classmates have those short legs.

And then of course there are Veerle and Richard …..

They have settled in Spain. A return to the Netherlands is not an option and they have a strong desire to start “something” for themselves. Many projects have been reviewed and in the end the solution has been found very close to home. Veerle and Richard have taken over “Donde El Hada”. At our hotel better known as the tapas and pancake terrace at the corner of the street where our hotel is located. A restaurant that can easily be combined with a partial job at the hotel.

The 1st of October they are officially opening their first venture. Quite likely they will change the name so that it can be pronounced by everybody. And they will expand the menu with exactly those “meals” that fit well with the daily eating schedule of many of our guests. An extensive lunch during the day somewhere on the road; In the evening a nice drink and a light meal in the village.


For 14 months, Date has been in the hotel and in our family. An interim year after his HAVO exam gave him the opportunity to think carefully about his future. Many career opportunities have been reviewed, weighed, tasted and rejected. Actually, not surprisingly, the “solution” turned out not to be so far away: Date started in September with a two-year course in Hospitality Management in Amsterdam: it suits him well, it doesn´t last too long, it´s very practical and has sufficient theoretical substantiation. He also found a job in the Netherlands in the kitchen of Restaurant ¨De Beukenhof¨ in Oegstgeest. He has promised to visit his “Spanish” parental home regularly.

Finca Santa Ana

During springtime, while the rain poured in, we changed all the windows and doors of the Finca. Everything needed to be replaced, after a few years the wood started to work and holes appeared. Now that the rental is increasing during the winter months, we wanted to have everything insulated. The result is great. Everything closes well again and we did some colourful painting outside. Furthermore, nothing has changed: the Finca is still a perfect place to spend a holiday with families up to 8 people. Private terraces, private garden, a small private pool and all that a 7-minute walk from the village square.

The winter period

We don´t have any renovations planned during this winter, that means that we will not close, except from the 2nd till the 17th of December to get some rest. From the 18th we will open our doors again to welcome you. Even after the holidays, our hotel will remain open this year.

For Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve you can have a delicious and generous dinner. Menu will follow!!!

New Year’s Eve in Ojén is celebrated in a ginormous tent that is placed next to the church. It is traditional to eat 12 grapes during the course of the clock to assure you of all happiness in 2019. Then, the party gets started and continues till the early morning.

Normally a period that is characterized by good temperatures during the day, often even above 20 degrees.

The kitchen

The arrival of Alex has been, in addition of being an excellent entrepreneur, also a great cook. With the support of Esther, he has proven, those past ten years that he made Veerhuys in Leerdam a fantastic success. For the time being, Alex has started to provide a marvelous meal twice a week. A number that will certainly be expanded in the near future while our already popular Paella evening will be organized as long as the weather stays nice and we can install our mega-paella pan on the patio to prepare a Valencian version on the spot; that means mainly with chicken, with extra shellfish for the fancier.
Alex has many more ideas about cooking: on Christmas and New Year’s Eve a  terrific menu will be served, and other times just a tasty daily special or, if there is interest, a typical Spanish evening where everyone regularly walks into the kitchen to see what can be “snapped” again and to rob the cook of his wine.
In any case, we can give our guests an extra dining option on the cooler evenings when the Ojén restaurants close earlier.

New activities

From Ojén to the coast, a new walk.
That must be possible, we thought for a while. This spring we finally found good paths thanks to the help of Marcos. A beautiful walk, starting from the hotel, where you cross the Rio Grande several times, it takes you an hour and a half from Ojén to the beach of Marbella. You will walk through the campo and end up at Dolce Vita, a beach restaurant known for its delicious lunch. The taxi will bring you back to the hotel, to take a well-deserved siesta.

Special winter activities

Olive excursion

When guests stay with us during the winter period, they can participate in an olives excursion.
In cooperation with La Pura Vida gastro tours & events, La Posada del Angel organizes olive oil tours and tastings in November and December. In Andalusia it is olive season during these months. The olives are hand-picked and grinded in the olive mill.
You can help with picking and in the meantime see the ‘milenarios’ (thousand-year-old olive trees). A visit is made to the olive mill where the olives are grinded and of course the liquid gold is also tasted with traditional, freshly baked bread, table olives and tomato. Finally, a delicious lunch is served with local products.

Winter package golf pro

During the winter months our pro offers lessons to learn the golf principles or to improve your game. You can take advantage of the favourable rates and enjoy the wonderful weather during this time of the year.

Day skiing in Sierra Nevada

When you leave at 8.00 am, you will be at the top of the mountain at 10.30 am to enjoy a day in the snow. When the elevators close at 4.30 pm, you can have a drink on one of the terraces while watching the sun go down.

Direct booking with 8% discount.

It is not always necessary to make bookings via the well-known booking machines. You can also book your room directly with us. Take a look at our website, where we offer you an 8% discount when booking a hotel room directly.

See you soon in Ojén! 

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