Garganta del ChorroEl Chorro

With more than 1,000 climbing routes , it is a paradise for mountaineers and alpinists from all over Europe . The Garganta del Chorro is a deep gorge surrounded by hundreds of meters of steep cliffs . Here, you can also find the famous Caminito del Rey (The King’s Path), one of the most dangerous trails in the world. The path was applied at the beginning of the twentieth century to supply of materials for the construction of a dam , El Conde del Guadalhorce , that later became a path from Alora to Campillos by the El Chorro gorge . The former Caminito del Rey, however, was closed in 1905 because of the high number of accidents that happened there. Anyway, there are some mountaineers and people who like risks that are still using the path (see the fearsome film below!). Around El Chorro, there are plenty of less dangerous routes, some of which can be found here.

Camino del Rey, spectacular video.


In 2006, the Junta de Andalucia made ​​available a few millions of euros for the restoration of the path. The work was planned to start in 2011, but negotiations are still ongoing. Matter is urgent because, according to previous agreements, the path would be renewed in 2015. Back in 2010, a Swiss climber fell from a six feet height. He was the sixth fatality in twelve years.


For the visitor who does not climb but enjoy walking, there is plenty to see in and around the gorge. The surroundings are beautiful. El Chorro has a train station with a small and beautiful terrace to go from Malaga to Bobadilla.