Andalusian Bus trips:

Day trips to beautiful places, festivals and celebrations

Andalusian bus trips organizes day trips to beautiful places and great festivals and celebrations in Andalusia. The owners of this organization are Gerrit and Judith Garcia el Rio. Gerrit was born in Andalusia and moved at a young age to the Netherlands. For 9 years he has lived in Spain with Judith, and together they run Guaro Viejo, an apartment in Guaro. Recently, they also began a new challenge, organizing day trips. They both speak Dutch, English and Spanish.

In the agenda of La Posada del Angel you can find the program set for this season. If you are interested, you can book trips with them.

From La Posada, drive your car to La Cañada, a shopping center in Marbella which is 5 minutes’ drive from Ojen. There you can park your car and get on the bus. In the bus, you will receive information about the destination, and once you have arrived there, you can visit the site yourself. The intention is not to do it in groups.

At the end of the day, you are collected again at the meeting point for the return trip. The idea behind our trips is to offer to our guests the convenience of a journey by luxury coach. That way, they do not have to search for a (often expensive or not findable) parking place and they can enjoy a comfortable journey after a long day, often in a foreign city.

If you are interested in one of these day trips, please contact us by e-mail: or telephone / whatsapp at 0034-655661265.

On the schedule, there are now the following day trips:

Sierra Nevada ski trip on Sunday 19 / 02
Carnival of Cadiz on Sunday 26/02
Semana Santa in Marbella on Monday 10/04
Feria de Sevilla on Sunday 30/04
Festival de los Patios in Cordoba on Tuesday 02/05
MotoGP Jerez on Sunday 07/05
Feria de Caballos in Jerez on Saturday 20/5
Carrera de Caballos in San Lucar de Barameda on Friday 18/8

This is only a part of the tours, there will be more.
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