Nice to meet you

Almost 20 years ago, we were invited by friends to what was our first visit to Andalusia. This was the first of many holidays and long weekends we spent there escaping from our hectic work lives as owners of two large party centres in The Netherlands. It was the irresistible pull of almost guaranteed sun, the relaxed Spanish lifestyle and the golf courses that brought us back time and time again.

Later we were happy to discover much more: the great towns, the charming little villages and the beautiful natural environment.

After the sale of our business and the birth of our two children we were looking for a new challenge: preferably receive guests in a comfortable environment. Finally, after much toing and froing, we arrived in this beautiful area in 2011. A great place to live, as we already knew, and a good challenge to get to know Andalusia even better.

We are now almost 7 years on the road. We found our way, despite the necessary bumps along it. After a year of renovations and much buzz around the launch of La Posada, we had more time to explore the neighborhood for fun activities, nice restaurants, beautiful beaches, etc. In 2015 we had a number of smaller rooms converted into beautiful suites because the demand for rooms for longer stays increased. Around the same time, we began the construction of two houses in the village. In 2016 we changed the warm water system. In 2017 we renovated 7 bathrooms and added 3 extra rooms. In 2018 we′re going to change the lobby by making a glass curtain to the patio.

The boys are now used to the schools in here. Jochem (14 years) has been for 4 years in the International British School of Marbella and Siebe (12 years) changed to the same school  after being 4 years in the Spanish school of the village. They both speak fluent Spanish with the typical accent of Ojen and also English.

We, Helga and Ton, started four years ago the challenge of making “La Posada del Angel” a place where guests gladly return. Now, we have received a lot of guests and the responses have been very nice so far . It seems that we are on the right way…

In October 2014