The hotel is approaching completion

We are finally approaching completion, as this work is ever really complete. All rooms are painted and have new doors, new TVs, new air conditioning and heating. Small coffee machines have been installed everywhere and the kitchenettes of the family rooms have microwaves and basic crockery. Most bathrooms have been redesigned and floors have been replaced where necessary. Every room now has WIFI. All the vibrant plants we have bought have given the patio a new lease of life, the upstairs terraces now have new lounge chairs and the nice old chairs have been repaired and given a lick of paint.
The wall between the bar area and the small breakfast room has been removed to create a “huge” breakfast room (for cold mornings),  the fireplace is working again and the new curtains have been hung.
We just have 3 rooms to finish this month. Things are on the up. The reservations for the spring and summer are slowly but surely coming in. We’re on track.

The Ruin

The ruin is the dilapidated building next to the hotel. The aim is for us to construct a pool and renovate the house that  has empty for 20 years for our own home. Well, the architect is finished, the drawings are formidable, the builder has been found, he can start tomorrow and then he needs just  3 ½ months to complete the heated pool, the building permit is ready for the municipality. Just one small problem ….. we’re not the owner of the ruins. The embargo’s on the ruin are linked to old debts of the current owner. Our lawyer has been struggling for months now to get things clear and to come to an agreement with all relevant parties. This is where things start to go wrong. Nobody, except us, is in a hurry. Documents remain in cellars, decisions aren’t taken, everything is going very slowly. The annoying thing is that there isn’t much we can do to speed things up. We always knew that this could happen – that was the risk we took. Anyone with contacts with the Spanish BBVA at board level, your help would be greatly appreciated ……..

The boys are enjoying life

Within just a few months Jochem could already speak Spanish, with a , very strong Andalusian accent, since January Siebe is also heading in the right direction. A new teacher does wonders. Happier, more interested in the school, beginning to speak Spanish, better contact with classmates. What a difference a little extra attention and interest can make.
Twice a week they train at the local football team and Jochem plays regularly on Saturday.
We’re starting to settle in

Ton is entertaining himself in and around the hotel. Helga picked up golf a little bit more and is now trying, at least once a week, to take part in a competition at the Dutch club Tulipan or one of the international clubs. Both of us enjoy the contact with the guests. Of course this has mostly been with friends and acquaintances who, with or without children, come along for a few days in the hotel. But we also very much enjoy the occasional encounters with complete strangers. Spain is not the Netherlands. Some things we do miss. The daily contacts for example, remain somewhat superficial, because our  Spanish isn’t good enough for a whole evening of dinner and fun. We still have too little time to build up contacts. But living in Spain does have many advantages, not least because of the wonderful weather. We take more time to relax on a terrace and the Sunday lunch is a part of a day out.
Programs in Andalusia

Now that the renovations on the hotel are coming to an end there is more time for exploring. Compiling programs is a nice job.
Assembling a golf program was the first thing we did (of course). The 50 golf courses within a reasonable driving distance provide endless opportunities for tailored programmes for each and every group of golfers. We arrange T-times but also take care of rental cars, takeaway lunches, restaurant reservations etc.
In partnership with Las Perlas de Andalucia we can arrange a roundtrip of Andalusia. You can start with a two day rest in our hotel and then we have a whole program for you created entirely for your needs. Cities such as Granada with its Alhambra, Cordoba and Seville are combined with small hotels in the middle of olive groves. And not forgetting of course,  the beautiful Costa de la Luz, the unknown but very beautiful area between Tarifa and Cadiz. And returning to La Posada del Angel is the perfect end to your journey. Let us know if we can get to work for you.

Ton and Helga