The Sierra de las Nieves includes several climbing rocks, caves and many beautiful gorges. In Aventúrate Sierra de las Nieves you will find experienced guides who give courses to beginners and who can guide you through various tours.

Canyoning Andalusia


While climbing and descending through the canyons (gaps between the rocks) you will learn how to use different techniques in other outdoor activities such as walking, sliding, climbing, jumping, abseiling and swimming.


Speleology AndalusiaDiscover caves by descending into the inside of the earth. You can see the rock formations and the different animals that live here. A new sensation!


At various places in the Sierra, there are rocks that are suitable for learning to climb. Aventúrate ensures the right equipment and experienced guides. And, of course, there are also several options for more advanced climbers.

La Posada del Angel offers some walking trails along the river near Ojen, specially suitable for the warm months. Aventúrate offers daytime activities throughout the year, including the equipment.

The climbing area of El ChorroEl Chorro klimwand

Situated only 50Km inland from Malaga, the rock climbing area of El Chorro is very diverse and has something for everyone. The main focal point is the huge limestone gorge, which offers some fantastic multi-pitch rock climbing with its own unique and intimidating atmosphere. Additionally, there are other crags that offer everything a climber could wish for; from over 650 routes with a good selection of bolted single and multi-pitch routes; excellent limestone slabs, tufas and exceptionally steep walls; most of it within walking distance of El Chorro village and available across the whole grade range. It is fair to say that El Chorro has become a classic winter climbing venue and the ideal time to visit is from October to the end of April.

Furthermore, near the climbing area, there are beautiful reservoirs which are great for spending the day for non-climbers.