Painting course in the town’s square of Ojen

Rosa AtelierPainter Rosa Collado, working and living in Ojen, gives painting courses in Ojen. She teaches you the technique of watercolor painting with acrylic paints outside in the square or in her studio. Ojen, one of the white villages, has many beautiful spots and the locals will always want to talk to you. Even experienced painters can go to Rosa’s.


Visit and help with the harvest of olives

During the fall, it is possible to visit and help in an olive grove. In September, when the olives begin to change color, harvesting takes place. Together we can help with picking, and after the olives are marinated with various methods.

From late October till December the harvest takes place, this is when the olive oil  is made. In this case, the olives are beaten from the trees. Thereafter, the harvest is brought to the mill in order to extract the oil. During the day, we are told everything about the olives.

Visit and tasting at Viña & bodega remsamen in Monda

Previously, the area around Ojen was a prosperous wine region. But, at the end of the nineteenth century, this came to an end. In nearby Monda, Marjolein Brouwer and Rene Mooijman enthusiastically started this business again. Now that the bodega is finished, they can receive guests for a tour and tasting at the vineyard. Learn more.


A day along with the goatherd

geitThroughout the year, you can experience the life of the goatherd (except in the spring). Early in the morning you will go and you will learn how to lead goats through the fields. Meanwhile, the guardian tells all about his profession and the status of goats in Andalusia. After a hearty breakfast, the goatherd explains how the goats must be milked.